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  • Iskierka Włochy

Established in 2005, Iskierka Kindergarten located in Włochy district, is a small facility with 3 groups of children.

We create an atmosphere of mutual respect for Children and their Parents.

Thanks to small groups of 10-15 children, we are able to devote enough time and attention to meet their individual needs and support their development.

What makes us unique?

*experience- the kindergarten has been running since 2005, under the watchful eye of the director Marzena Głodo-Ogonowska
* permanent staff- we have been working with the same capable and committed teachers for many years. They have all necessary qualifications required by state education policy to work with kindergarten and early school- aged children.
Our teachers have an appointed teacher degree received after an exam carried out by the Department of Education.
* a safe playground in the garden- where our kindergarteners have space for an everyday outside play
* a big car park in front of the building
*tasty home cuisine- all meals are prepared in our modern kitchen in a convection steam oven, without using any preservatives, artificial food colorants or taste enhancers.
All food products are delivered by verified suppliers
We take into account any food allergies in cooperation with Parents, we do not limit meals
* we have been conducting a reception class for many years – we prepare kindergarteners for further education in primary school
– an essential element of our everyday work is harmonious emotional, social, and cognitive development
– we shape children’s conscious and responsible attitude to ecology

– we attach significance to a high level of education through play, therefore all people (instructors) who give classes in our kindergarten have adequate education and competencies to work with children in this field
* specialists care- in our kindergarten, children are under constant care of specialists: a psychologist, a neurologopedist, an SI therapist, an SST therapist
* a wide range of extracurricular activities- the current offer can be found in the tab “Offer 2023’
* we carry out special educational needs statements- we are a public facility with a base of qualified specialists, therefore we can educate children with diagnosed special needs and with needs of Early Development Support